“You’re here to defend the defenseless and make sure that the underdogs get a fair break.”     ​
Psalm 82:3  (MSG)
​​When the father is absent and/or not fulfilling God's purposes for his life as a father, young men and women need someone to fill this vital role.

JCLC’s mission is to satisfy that role through dependable and authentic relationships, and by consistently speaking truth into each child's life over an extended period of time.

The 7 Primary Influencers
  1. Apprentice
    Each young person must complete an application and interview process and make a one-year commitment to JCLC before being accepted into the JCLC leadership program. The JCLC Apprentices are placed in one of the three JCLC Apprentice Groups: FRESHMAN (4th, 5th & 6th grade), JUNIOR (7th, 8th & 9th grade), SENIOR (10th, 11th & 12th grade).
  2. Mentor Leader
    A vital individual in the life of the Apprentice who can best create an environment that is safe and conducive for the apprentice’s personal development. The Apprentice, the Mother and the Developer choose the Mentor Leader. He must go through an application/interview process with JCLC Staff, as well as a background screening before officially becoming part of the JCLC Process. A Mentor Leader is responsible for one (1) Apprentice and for bringing together the Mentorship Team.
  3. Mentorship Team
    Working in harmony with the Apprentice, Mom, and JCLC Leadership Team, the Mentor Leader is responsible for recruiting a team of individuals who will support the Apprentice mentally (i.e. Academic Advisor), physically, and spiritually. The Mentorship Team will also take ownership of the necessary costs associated with the training and development of the Apprentice. (e.g. training material, leadership conferences, transportation etc.,). A Mentor Leadership Team is responsible for one (1) Apprentice.
  4. Mother
    In an inner-city culture that has relationships at the core of its functionality, it is imperative that the Mother of the Apprentice receive teaching and support that parallel with what her child is learning. She will be a huge influence that will enable her child to look outside the “norm” and embrace new challenges in order to become a global-minded leader of God’s design.
  5. Mother Support Lead
    To ensure that the Mother has a real-time, comprehensive understanding and appreciation for what her child is learning and experiencing, the Mother Support Lead is responsible for supporting and encouraging the Mother as she travels with her son on his nine-year leadership development journey and beyond. As a Staff member, the MSL is responsible to develop mothers (or female legal guardians) and recruiting/developing her own Mother Support Team (MST).
  6. Developer
    A Staff member that oversees the entire developmental progress of the Apprentice, Mentor Leader, Mentorship Team, Mother, and Mother Support Lead. He or she is the pivotal liaison for communications and feedback between all team members. The Developer has a passion to invest in young men and women who desperately need the hope that proceeds from knowing that God loves them for who they are and has called them to be more than they can imagine.
  7. Regional Director
    The JCLC Leadership Development Model is based on the Jethro-Principle in Exodus 18. This principle creates different leadership divisions through which each leader and participant is shepherded and cared for personally. The RD is responsible for overseeing the Developers. He or she serves as the source of accountability, leadership development and training.
The 7 Fundamental Tactics
24/7-360°-100 Sustained Transformation
    Daily wisdom/leadership 3x5 readings.
    Weekly call with the Mentor Leader (and Developer as needed). Quarterly meeting with the Mentor Leader and the Developer.
    Monthly 90 minute Small Group with the Mentor Leader, other JCLC Apprentices and their Mentor Leaders. Monthly 90 minute Small Group with the Mentorship Team.
    Connection to an Authentic Biblical and Christ-Centered Church of choice.
    Weekly reading time (tutoring) with the Academic Advisor on the Mentorship team.
    3 Weekend Leadership Conferences each year (fall, winter, spring) featuring leaders from all different walks of life as keynote presenters and visionaries + 1 week-long summer camp experience.
    Seasonal competitive sporting venues.